5 best chairs for working at home to make your body healthier

June 15,2022

5 best chairs for working at home to make your body healthier

Working from home seems to have become a daily routine for many, but are you sure you can continue to maintain a good health while working from home? Many people miss working in an office and all the benefits of having a dedicated workspace.


If you have been using your bedroom, living room and other scenes as your temporary office at the moment, it is time to change the status quo. Choose the best chair to work from home according to your situation and increase your productivity while reducing back and waist injuries.


We will explain to you how to choose the best office chair according to different physical conditions and different environmental conditions, so as to be more suitable for your current temporary office environment. You can consider using it


4 best chairs for working from home: provide best support for your back

Do you often stand up after long hours of work, and there will be bursts of soreness in your lower back, neck, and back? This may be your body warning you, "You bastard, you seem to focus on your work and choose to ignore us. ”, Vaseat once conducted a survey on many customers and found that back pain, low back pain and cervical pain are very common among young people, and their working hours are often spent in chairs for 8-9 hours. Do you take this issue seriously?


If you want to give your body more respite, you can at least change your body posture to achieve it, choose a Vaseat office chair.this pain will not go away with time, unless you change your work Way. This pain is often worse than other pains because it can keep you from working, so it must be taken seriously.


1.Understand your lumbar support: Vaseat-X3-01 Office Chair

Are you still choosing an office chair that can only sit on? This kind of chair is often in order to save costs, and don't even have the lumbar support, but this is often the wrong decision, which causes your waist to not get good support , you think about it from another angle, your waist supports your whole body, it's ridiculous that you don't provide him with something to support him to reduce his pressure, so a good chair plays a very important role in lumbar support role, this may be what your waist wants.


Vaseat's X3-01 Office Chair uses a full mesh design, which is specially designed for lumbar support. It can be adjusted according to different heights to ensure that he is always in a working state.



2.Fits your entire back:Vaseat-K5 Office Chair

The coverage of the back of the best chair is really ignored by many people. First of all, every part of the back is extremely important to the body. First of all, this chair must be large enough to completely wrap your back (including your shoulders and scala). You can now try to sit in your chair to see if it meets this standard.


Vaseat-k5 office chair adopts a comprehensive coverage method. The chair is large enough to meet all your expectations for the best chair.




3.Adjust at any time according to your physical condition:Vaseat-IVER

When it comes to working from home, we mentioned more about whether the chair can be adjusted according to your posture or the body posture you want to achieve.

For example

1.When you want to take your left back notebook, can the chair help you complete this action without the trouble of standing up to get it and then sitting down.

2.when you focus on work at home, whether the chair can be slightly tilted forward with your posture. According to interviews with many people, this posture can make people more focused on work.


Vaseat-IVER is such a chair that you can fall in love with him from the appearance, and he can adjust with your body posture at any time.



4.More ergonomic function switching :Vaseat-K9 Office Chair

When working at home, with the use and switching of different devices, the function switching of the chair needs more attention, because you often don't want to get up and find out which handle of the chair corresponds to what function when adjusting. Vaseat-k9 adopts a wire controlled chassis, which gets rid of the traditional worry of using the same rocker to control different functions. There will be corresponding small buttons next to the seat of the chair, and you can control the corresponding functions by lifting the corresponding buttons.


So it must be the best chair to work from home. In fact, almost all Vaseat customers think so.

more function best chair

7 things needing attention when choosing the best chair to work at home

To choose the best chair for home, you need to study and consider several factors. You need to understand why he can be one of the best choices for you to work long hours. Is it back support or solid construction? Once you know what goes where, it's easy to understand what's good for you. However, here is a list of areas you should look for in the ideal vaseat office chair.

1.Moderate price

The price of a chair suitable for you will not be too low, but it will not be too expensive. We can tell you responsibly that cheap chairs will certainly hurt your body, because good materials are not cheap. Do you still expect someone to lose money to give you something?


So choose different functions according to different prices and judge what this budget can bring to you. If it is really a budget problem and you can't choose a multi-functional office chair, then you must consider Vaseat-K3. It meets all the conditions for a healthy body. Although it is very simple, its small body contains a lot of energy.


2.Excellent back support

If your working hours may exceed 4-6 hours, a comfortable chair suitable for working from home is absolutely necessary. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more people have complained about back pain because of poor sitting and posture.


If your back already feels the pressure of working from home, please consider using a back support pad. When you take additional measures to protect your spine, the chair that is most suitable for working from home will become better.


The best Vaseat chairs have waterfall seats. When you sit down, your knees are slightly higher than your hips, which helps you maintain a better posture and helps protect your lower back. The waterfall seat has a circular edge, which makes your posture a little inclined and reduces the pressure on the back of your thighs.


There is nothing more disturbing than having a good stretch and almost falling down because of a broken chair. Most Vaseat office chairs have strong lumbar support, allowing you to lean back smoothly without any convulsions, just like the Vaseat-X3-01 High back office chair.


3.Whether the chair size is suitable for home

The best chair to work from home varies from person to person, especially in the choice of chair size. The temporary office area in many people's homes is small. If you can fully use the functions of the office chair in a limited area, and if it will affect your posture.


The height of the seat is also very important, especially if your desk is higher or shorter than the ordinary desk, the comfortable chair suitable for working at home should have the function of height adjustment, such as Vaseat-K1.


4.Whether the color matches the existing furniture at home

In this era, the layout of an environment often affects people's mood in a day. This is true. You can imagine that your office environment tends to be simple, but you can match it with a fancy office chair. Believe me, your enthusiasm for work in a day will decline, and your mood will seriously affect your office efficiency. How can you ensure good work performance when you are in a bad mood?


Therefore, the design of office chair is particularly important. At least this Best chair won't affect your mood. Vaseat-K9 Moonlight can solve this problem to a great extent.


5.If you use wood flooring in your home

Compared with the matching chairs in the market, it would be better for me to know more about each chair part of the chair, because this determines whether it will have a negative impact on your home. For example, if you use a wooden floor, if the wheels on the chair you use are PP wheels or nylon wheels, you will feel distressed because your floor is damaged. The following are different wheels for different scenarios:


Wood flooring suitable for: Pu wheels

Carpet fit: nylon wheel

Ceramic tile suitable for: PP wheel / nylon wheel /pu wheel


For Vaseat, there may be nothing more convenient than customization. Vaseat's experience in producing office chairs for 15 years meets the needs of many people.


6.There are detailed installation and use instructions

When you buy an office chair and find it very difficult to assemble it without any guidance, you must feel very distressed. This distress is even more distressed than other bad situations. A good office chair at home must be easy to assemble. At least the time spent on assembling the office chair should not exceed 10 minutes, because time is precious. The assembly of LANBO is more convenient than any chair.




If you want to design more and the best chairs for your office chair brand /office chair store /office chair website/Office chair Bidder, Vaseat provides you with a series of diversified cooperation methods, including your brand strategy, market analysis, etc. At present, only by directly connecting with the factory, may you have the opportunity to obtain better products at the lowest price and improve your sales profit.