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Bifma & EN1335 quality certification
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Vaseat offers a wide range of wholesale mesh chairs, located in the center of the office furniture supply chain and close to the port, our raw material prices are often lower than other office chair manufacturers, Vaseat's strong supplier system, and internal management processes are perfect, Vaseat will go further and further in the supply of mesh chairs.all the office chair parts are finely polished by Vaseat, Whether it is the performance of the finished product or the disassembled parts, Vaseat mesh chairs can be tested by any institution.

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Vasaet invested heavily in its own furniture design team 5 years ago.
We like to go from “nothing” to “something”, circulating the most up-to-date products and designs in the market, and we design every mesh chair to make you safer!

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Our Promise to Clients

Vaseat Ice Mesh

Say goodbye to the traditional mesh hole type fabric.Adopt the ice mesh fabric with a new weaving process exclusive to Vaseat.It feels gentler and cooler to the skin.Breathable and cool, We are the best!

100% environmentally friendly

To manufacture durable office chair mesh, we choose formaldehyde-free treated mesh to provide great strength and safety. Made from formaldehyde-free LY material, our mesh is a sustainable solution for mass production while ensuring body safety.

Easy cleaning

We have made a very significant investment in research and development to make them easy to clean, and all Vaseat office chairs, both back and cushion, are made from specially treated fabrics, and the office chair mesh has passed the RECH standard heavy metals test, grade 5 waterproof, grade 6 oil resistance .

First class cabin
In Office

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Depending on your purpose and target audience, our wholesale clients provide guidance and valuable industry knowledge, and patiently listen to your ideas to create a wholesale Mesh chair that exceeds your expectations. for Mesh Office chair, we offer different ways to work together.

OEM ODM Mesh Chair​ For Your Business

Looking for a high-quality mesh chair for your business? Look no further! Our OEM ODM Mesh Chair is the perfect solution for your office seating needs. Designed with both style and comfort in mind, this chair features a breathable mesh backrest and seat to help keep you cool and comfortable all day long. The chair also boasts adjustable lumbar support and armrests to help reduce strain on your body and keep you productive. Plus, with its sleek and modern design, it will look great in any office setting. Contact us today to learn more about our OEM ODM Mesh Chair and how it can benefit your business.

Mesh chair backrest strength

While ensuring comfort, we will eliminate the potential dangers of using mesh chairs in your daily office, and a sturdy mesh back will determine all of this. We will spot test the back strength of every batch of Mesh chairs that will leave the factory and pass 1,000,000 times basic pull back test, each time the pull strength will reach 200KG.

Mesh chair Armrests strength

Vaseat attaches great importance to the development of the armrests of each mesh chair, all armrests are developed in accordance with EN1335 and Bifma standards to exclude all potential risks in daily use leading to the occurrence of customers, we will test the armrests of office chairs at four angles of violence to ensure the durability and stability of the armrests of office chairs

Mesh chair molded foam without any glue cushion

By using our molded foam without any glue design, the cushions of all our mesh chairs will be free of any glue, which will make our office chairs more environmentally friendly as well as minimizing costs, and the invisible unique process allows Vaseat to consistently provide more competitive chairs to our customers.

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