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Vaseat as one of the top office chair manufacturers in china. We have been providing office chair wholesalers/office space projects with high quality office chairs that will maintain the healthiest posture for your body at all times, while adding a unique touch to your office space as well as your home office.Vaseat office chairs are the best choice for your business as well as your life.

Our unique designs and years of experience in the office chair industry allow us to offer a diverse range of office chairs at the most competitive prices. With superior quality control, our customers have been able to increase their business by over 30% per year with the help of our professional strategic planners and Vaseat. We have successfully met the OEM/ODM office chair needs of office chair wholesalers, brand owners, importers and various companies. Contact Vaseat specialist for professional support and a free quote

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Design Customized Office Chairs for Your Target Market

Our marketing department is constantly researching modern office chair trends and has accumulated rich test data over the years to add beauty and comfort to office environments as well as offices for different companies through our designed office chairs. We offer a wide variety of B2B partnerships and customization services such as material matching, chassis options, color customization, and more.

With the customization options we offer, you can help your customers find the perfect office chair for their individual needs and help them create a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace. This can help improve productivity and workplace satisfaction. In addition, by offering to customize your owner office chairs, you can build a stronger bond with your customers and build loyalty for your business.

Our Promise to Clients

Consistent Quality

Committed to creating high-quality products, product quality as an important cornerstone of enterprise survival and development, Vaseat production of office chairs company products to implement the United States ANSI/BIFMA5.1, European EN1335, EN1728, EN1022 testing standards.

Exclusive market protection

Vaseat's office chairs are exclusively developed and manufactured, it is impossible to find the same chair on the market, which means that our partners are the most authoritative companies in the local office chair industry, and Vaseat will not supply the same model of office chair to another company in the same region to ensure that your company is the most competitive in the region.​

Variety Of Cooperation​

Depending on the wholesaler in each country, we offer ways to work together that are better suited to your business, including but not limited to payment method support, office chair packaging support, and specific office seating feature development. This will mean that Vaseat is the most suitable manufacturer for any type of business.

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Exporting premium office chairs to the world

Referring to BIFMA & EN1335 standard, Vaseat has formulated stricter production standards to ensure that their office chair meet the quality of various markets in the world. And Vaseat has a complete seat testing center, which can independently complete the testing and control of seat safety, durability tests, formaldehyde, heavy metals, organic tin etc.

Strict control of each process of office chair production

Each process in the production of Vaseat office chairs is strictly controlled to ensure that the final product meets the highest quality and safety standards. This involves careful supervision and monitoring of each step of the production process, from the procurement of raw materials to the final assembly of the finished chair. By maintaining strict controls, Vaseat is proud to assure its customers that the office chairs are durable, comfortable, and will easily pass any test.

Vaseat office chair violence test

Office chair base determines whether a seat can withstand the impact of your different postures and stand, in the field of healthy office, we have seen too many Office chair base poor quality leads to physical injury and customer disappointment, Vaseat base production of office chair base all through the Bifma certification (but we prefer to use the car crush, to visually demonstrate its load-bearing capacity)
The test of running over the office chair base with a car
Office chair armrest testing

Wholesale Premium office chair at reasonable price

Vaseat has the largest and best-equipped enterprise testing center in the seating industry, and is also the manufacturer's on-site testing laboratory of the international authoritative testing organization TUV Group in Laing, Germany. From raw materials, semi-finished products to finished products, strict control of the quality of each link, in the same price of suppliers list, Vaseat office chair life is often much higher than the products of other suppliers.

easier to import office chairs from China

Vaseat has always been the #1 office furniture manufacturer ,which is known for producing high quality office chairs, all chairs are tested and certified to the most demanding quality standardsand; it also has formed a complete raw material procurement system and a stable supply chain , which enables their customers to purchase high quality office chair at a very competitive price .And Vaseat also offer custom brochures, packaging, logo printing, technical support and after-sales support to all customers.
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Types of office chairs

An office chair is a chair that is specifically designed for use in a work environment, such as a home office or a commercial office. It usually has various features designed to provide comfort and support for the user's sitting posture, such as adjustable height, lumbar support, cushioned seat and backrest. Some office chairs also have other features, such as armrests, casters for mobility and headrests to further enhance the comfort and functionality of the chair. Office chairs can come in a range of styles and materials, including leather, mesh and fabric, and can be adjusted to fit a variety of body types and sizes. For those of you who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, this is a very important product.We will introduce the different types of office chairs:

Ergonomic Chair

The variety of office chairs, but now, the Ergonomics chair has become an inaccessible part of the work, a good ergonomic chair can provide lumbar support for your body, and its adjustability will be greater than the general adjustment range of the work chair, even if there is a different height to provide people to buy or use this chair, but also the ergonomic chair can be adjusted to the most suitable for their state.

Mesh Chair

Mesh Chairs belong to a category under the office chair, thanks to his breathability, mesh chairs in the current office environment is one of the most commonly used work chairs, in the choice of mesh chairs must strictly check the quality of the fabric such as fabric resilience, breathability, durability, and whether the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard etc.

Wobble Stools

If you sit at a desk for long periods of time, you may suffer from physical discomfort due to prolonged sitting, but you will feel distressed because you have not yet finished the work at hand. Then you should add a Wobble Stools for your work, Wobble Stools allows you to sway, tilt and rotate in any direction, and he can even keep you in a semi-standing position to relieve the discomfort of your legs.

How To Choose Your Office Chair Supplier?

Office Chair is different from other industries. Import and export in the office furniture industry requires the experience of both buyers and sellers as well as the maturity of the channels, whether the manufacturer's products are designed in-house, whether the products meet local quality standards, and whether the office chair supplier has the ability to provide an after-sales guarantee on the products offered.

I want to get your samples, how much time will this take?

Vaseat has a well-established supply chain management system, and our products can be custom prototyped to your ideas quickly, with a typical manufacturing time of 1-3 days for a sample office chair.

What support can you provide if I am a wholesaler/bidder/brand/online sales?

Yes, we have 15 years of global marketing experience in the office chair industry and offer different types of customized marketing programs for different types of sellers Click on the options below to see our programs in detail:
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